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7 ChatGPT Prompts To Save Hours Of Boring Work

The idea isn’t that AI replaces every element of your work. The idea is that AI replaces the most boring parts. Those things that no one really wants to do. The tedious tasks, the laborious admin, the things that don't give you energy or inspire your mission. Once they are out of the way, you’re free to do the work that only you can do. You’re free to change the world.

Here are 7 prompts to save hours of boring work with ChatGPT:

Automate And Eliminate Boring Work With ChatGPT

One of the most tedious parts of work for many people is coming up with new ideas and brainstorming sessions. While some thrive on idea generation, others view it as a chore. If you fall into the latter camp, the following prompt can help automate some of the boring ideation process:

"Generate 30 bold new ideas for [social media posts about our new product launch] in a dynamic brainstorming session. Before we begin, ask me questions, one-by-one, about the information you need in order to come up with the ideas. When you have the information required, generate five ideas and ask me what I think before creating another batch."

To use this, simply replace the bracketed text with your specific desired output. For example, you could ask for branding ideas, newsletter content, or product names. Give ChatGPT some context about your business, target audience, and goals so it can tailor the ideas accordingly. 

The key is to let ChatGPT engage in an interactive brainstorm, asking you for any additional details it needs. This back-and-forth helps produce ideas that are relevant and aligned with your objectives. Instead of racking your brain solo for hours, you now have an AI ideation partner to help spark creativity.

Ignite Your Creativity With A Virtual Brainstorming Partner

We all face challenging problems in business that seem to defy an easy solution. When you’re stuck on an issue, try describing it to ChatGPT and asking for step-by-step advice. For example:

"Our sales numbers have been declining for the past two quarters. As a business consultant, provide me with a detailed, actionable plan to turn this around over the next 90 days. An ideal outcome increases sales by at least 15% in Q3 through strategies focused on our current customer base. Ask any clarifying questions you need, and then guide me through specific steps to execute this plan effectively." 

The key is to provide ample context about the problem, desired outcome, and any constraints. Let ChatGPT dig deeper by answering its follow-up questions. The end result is a customized strategic plan breaking down exactly how to tackle your business challenge. Instead of wasting hours stuck and stressed, you now have an assistant providing expert analysis tailored to your situation.

Supercharge Problem-Solving With An AI Consultant

Driving website traffic through search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial, but also tedious. With the following prompt, ChatGPT can brainstorm optimized content ideas to boost your rankings:

"This is a description of our new software platform: [insert product description]. You are an SEO specialist. Using this product summary, develop keyword-rich landing page content ideas to increase search visibility, engage visitors, and improve time-on-page. Provide at least five optimised blog headline ideas focused on different clusters of target keywords."

The key is letting ChatGPT analyze your product description to come up with a variety of SEO-focused content ideas. You can then use its suggested headlines and topics as a starting point for developing pages and blogs designed to rank. This outsources one of the most laborious parts of SEO while giving you data-driven direction for your content.

Unlock SEO Content Ideas Tailored To Your Product

Long documents are a fact of professional life, but not everyone has time to read them cover-to-cover. Let ChatGPT summarize the key details for you with a prompt like:

"Please summarize the key points from this lengthy research report in a concise overview. Focus on highlighting the main conclusions, data, and recommendations made. Ensure the summary is no longer than one page."

You can even ask ChatGPT to pay extra attention to certain topics if there are aspects you're particularly interested in. The end result is a cliff notes-style abstract identifying crucial information and insights without having to read the full document word-for-word. This allows you to extract key insights in a fraction of the time.

Extract Key Insights From Long Documents 

Writing clearly and persuasively is difficult. But you can refine your skills faster with an AI writing coach. Try prompts like:

"You are an expert copywriter. Please review the following business blog post draft and offer concrete suggestions to improve the writing quality, clarity, structure, and persuasiveness: [insert draft text]" 

ChatGPT will analyze your writing and provide tailored feedback on how to make it more compelling through changes like tightening up sentences, transitioning between paragraphs more smoothly, or re-arranging sections for better flow. You can even ask follow-up questions to dig deeper on its advice. This allows you to improve your writing skills through an iterative process of drafting, feedback, and revision.

Refine Your Writing With An AI Writing Coach

Creating fresh, engaging social media content constantly can be draining. But prompts like the following help generate content drafts to spark ideas:

"Write 5 creative Facebook post ideas for our cafe announcing our new line of organic fair-trade coffees. Focus each post on highlighting a specific coffee variety and use punchy, compelling language aimed at eco-conscious millennials."

You now have an AI social media assistant to quickly brainstorm post ideas tailored to your brand and audience. Tweak the wording and use its drafts as a jumping off point for your own content. This provides a template to overcome writer's block and produce posts faster.  

Draft Social Media Content Focused On Your Brand 

Providing good customer service requires answering repetitive questions. An AI assistant can help craft responses to common inquiries like:

"I ordered a product last week and still haven't received a shipping confirmation. Please draft a friendly email reply that answers my question, provides next steps, and leaves me feeling satisfied with the customer service experience."

ChatGPT will customize a thoughtful email directly addressing the customer's concerns. You can then easily modify its draft when responding to save time versus crafting each email from scratch. The result is more efficient service leading to happier customers.

Elevate Customer Experiences With Personalized Email Drafts

Providing good customer service requires answering repetitive questions. An AI assistant can help craft responses to common inquiries like:

"I ordered a product last week and still haven't received a shipping confirmation. Please draft a friendly email reply that answers my question, provides next steps, and leaves me feeling satisfied with the customer service experience." 

ChatGPT will customize a thoughtful email directly addressing the customer's concerns. You can then easily modify its draft when responding to save time versus crafting each email from scratch. The result is more efficient service leading to happier customers.

By having ChatGPT generate personalized draft responses, you can provide top-notch customer service efficiently. This frees up time for you to focus on more complex issues and building relationships, elevating the overall customer experience.

The Upshot: Reduce Boring Work to Focus on What Matters

The potential for ChatGPT to eliminate tedious work is game-changing. Following prompts like the examples above allows you to hand off boring tasks to AI. This frees you up to do more meaningful, inspiring work aligned with your strengths. Why spend hours on things like ideation, writing, research, and customer service when AI can help? Embrace these prompts as an assistant that takes the grunt work off your plate so you can focus on what really matters

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